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The Wet Blast process is a unique blast finishing technique that can be used on automotive, aviation and marine parts and is best suited for ferrous and non ferrous metals. The wet blast process utilises abrasive media, water and compressed air to induce a scrubbing action on the surface of the material being processed. Wet Blasting does not cause surface damage to components, therefore threads, seal surfaces and other sensitive areas do not have to be protected before being wet blasting.


Wet Blasting is also known as Vapour Blasting,  Aqua Blasting, Vaqua Blasting and Slurry Blasting, we use 3 different bead sizes C, AD and AH, each offer a unique finish.

We can wet blast engine cases, cylinder heads, engine blocks, brake callipers, fork legs, triple trees , wheels , hubs frames and swing arms, wheels, we also clean non motorcycle related items as well. We will not clean complete engines; there is a risk of the media entering the engine so we do not do this. Our wet blasting machine can accept items up to 1m, x 1m x 90cm in size and support a maximum weight of 200kgs.

What do you need to do before have your parts Wet Blasted?

  • Parts must be fully disassembled
  • Your parts must be degreased, free of dirt and paint removed if possible.
  • You must remove rubber and plastic seals

Wet Blasting Applications

  • Degreasing / surface finishing of components such as engine cases and side covers
  • Removal of paint, rust, scale, carbon & similar deposits
  • Surface preparation prior to painting or coating
  • Satin finishing of stainless steels & other special materials

How Much Does it Cost ?

Wet blasting is charged out at $140 per hour, I charge in 15 minute blocks of time.  Some items can take minutes , other much longer, I am happy for you bring your parts down for a cleaning estimate.

Advantages of Wet Blasting

  • Dust free process
  • Cleans by flow of water not by impact
  • Water acts as a lubricant between media & component that produces a ‘softer’ finish that avoids media impregnation on soft materials
  • Saves you time and gives a finish you could never achieve by hand
Our Wet Blasting Machine